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Angkor Night Market in Siem Reap

The Angkor Night Market in Siem Reap is a good place to see and to shop for some unique items of Cambodia.

the Old Market and Central Market, some of the items sold here come from the remote villages, countryside around Siem Reap Province and was made by Cambodian people or small communities.

Of course not all of the shops there is unique, you’ll also see some of the regular souvenirs like: sandstone, silver, jewelry, silk, etc… that you see in Old Market and other places too in Siem Reap city

There are more than 100 stalls at the Angkor Night Market, and there are a good variety of items here.
You’ll find palm wines, silk items (scarves, bags, wallets, lamps, fabrics), artworks, general souvenirs, jewelries, DVDs, books, drum made from snake skin and they even run a small cinema of documentary movies about Cambodia.
There’s also a food court, and what’s called an Island bar. If you don’t like shopping, and is there only to accompany someone, you can relax here with a drink.
In addition to that, there are several benches around for the tired shoppers, or their companions.
If you’re looking for unique items, these shops are easy to spot. For one thing, they usually don’t have a stack of silk scarves barricading their shops, and their shops look somewhat simple and minimalist. Most of them seem to sell bags or wallets, which are higher priced items. But if you have been to the Old Market or Center Market, anything remotely different will catch you eye immediately.


Since this is a market especially for tourists, you can expect the items to be priced higher than the outside. Bargaining is the norm, though, so you can still get few dollars off the marked price.

Where is the Angkor Night Market?

The night market is located just off Sivatha Blvd, around 10 minute walk from Old Market or Center Market. The place is tucked in a little bit inside, so you’ll be passing the somewhat dark street. But no worries, many people pass by that street, and several shops and restaurants are open during the night.


Officially, the Angkor Night Market is opened from 4pm until midnight. But I’ve been there during the low season (June – November) at 4pm, and they were no where near open. During the high season (December – March) maybe the amount of visitors give good reason for them to open that early.
It’s very conveniently located between the two larger markets, that you’ll bound to pass it somehow. You’ll see many unique items being sold in one place. Of course you can go to individual boutique shops around town to get one of a kind items, but if you have little time, this one-stop-shop place is a good place to go to.

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