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Smile Of Angkor 'Angkor Coex' in Siem Reap

Number of birds increases but the travel to some of the more important viewing  areas becomes more difficult to go there.

Traditional Khmer dance is better described as ‘dance-drama’ in that the dances are not merely dance but also meat to convey a story or message. There are four main modern genres of traditional Khmer dance:

1-      Classical Dance

2-      Shadow Theater

3-      Lakhon Khol

4-      Folk Dance

Most traditional dances seen today were developed in the 18th through 20th century, beginning in earnest with a mid-19th century revival championed by king Ang Duong (1841-1869).

Classical dance: including the famous “Apsara Dance” has a grounded subtle, restrained, yet feather-light, ethereal appearance, distinct in it ornate costuming, taut posture, arched back and feet, flexed fingers. flexed. Codified facial expressions,  slow close, deliberate but flowing movements, classical dance is uniquely Khmer.. it presents themes and stories inspired primarily by the Reamker ( the Cambodian Version of the Indian classic, the Ramayana and the age of Angkor.

Folk dance come to two forms: ceremonial and the article, as a general rule only Theatrical Folk dance is presented in public performances with Ceremonial Folk Dances reserved for particular rituals, celebration and holidays, Theatrical Folk dance such as the popular Good Harvest dance and the romantic fishing dance are usually adaptations of dances found in the countryside or inspired by rural life and practices. Most of the Theatrical Folk dances that are seen in performances today were developed in Phnom Penh the year 1960 as part of an effort to preserved and perpetuate Khmer culture and art.


Shadow puppet theater come in two form: Skeik Thom ( big puppets that act as panels depicting characters from the story) and Sbeik Toot (small articulated puppets) the black leather puppets are held in front of a light source, either in front of or behind a screen, creating a shadow effect. Sbeik Thom is the more uniquely Cambodian, more formal of the two types, restricting itself to stories from the Reamker,  Sbeik Toot has a far lighter feel, presenting popular stories of heroes, adventures love and battles with or without orchestra and with the puppeteer often doing the narration.

Walk in price : $48 per ticket for Seat A and $38 per ticket for Seat B

Seat A: Special Price: USD 40.00 Book Now

Seat B: Special Price: USD 35.00 Book Now

-  For Kids, Children Aged 4 to 12 offer 50% off
-  Ticket with 1 Buffet Dinner Free

* We Included:

- Free transfer from & to Your Hotel
- Ticket for Smile of Angkor Grand Epic Show
- Enjoy with Buffet Dinner and Show
- All Government Taxes

>> Noticed:

- Show Time: 19:15 - 20:25 (70 minutes, every evening)
- Pick up : 5:45PM
- Buffet Dinner Time start from: 6:00PM
- Show Start time: 7:15PM
- Children <12 years old is half price
- Smile of Angkor Allow to take photograph without using flash tools

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