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History of Preah Ang Chek and Preah Ang Chorm in Siem Reap

As its name suggests. Shrine is dedicated to two Buddha Preah Ang Chek and Preah Eng Chorm. Two standing statues located inside depict these two Buddhas, Preah Ang Chek it the taller Buddha and Preah Eng Chorm is the shorter Buddha. Local Cambodian believe that Preah Ang Chek Preah Ang Chorm Shrines protection for entire town of Siem Reap, Legends have it that when Khmer Rogues who were on a mission to destroy religion in Cambodia. Entered Preah Ang Check and Preah Ang Chorm shrine and attempted to remove both Buddha statues, these were growing heavier by the second until they’re reached such weight that Khmer Rogue cadres were unable to move them. Aside from beliefs of its indestructibility, Preah Ang Chek Preah Ang Chorm shrine is also believed to bring good fortune to newly married couples and is therefore frequently visited by newlyweds on their wedding day.

Preah Ang Chek and Preah Ang Chorm shrine blew minds right out because of the unprecedented circumstances surrounding discovery of it. The presence of thousands of Cambodian flying Foxes that circled over Royal independence Gardens where the shrine is located gave of shrine’s edges and distinct roof draws eyes of passers-by after dark and since it was the beginning of Pchum Ben festival, Preah Ang Chek and Preah Ang Chorm shrine was enveloped in a haze of smoke from hundreds of burning incense sticks which is part of Khmer ritual surrounding the festival of the dead. There was no other temples or shrine anywhere in Cambodia that would leave profound impressions.

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