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Banteay Srey Temple in Siem Reap

Banteay Srey is considered by many to be in the crown of Angkorian art. A Hindo temple dedicated to Shiva. It is cute from stone of a pinkish hue and includes some of the finest carving seen anywhere on earth. One of the smallest sites at Angkor, what it lacks in size it makes up for in stature. Banteay Srey means “Citadel of the  woman” and it is said considered too fine for the hand of a man.

Construction on Banteay Srey began in 967 and it is one of the few temples around Angkor not to be commissioned by a king, but by a Braman. The temple is square and has entrance at the east and west. The east approached by a causeway, Classic carving at Banteay Srey include delicate woman with lotus flowers clearly visible in their  hands. As well as breathtaking re-creations of scenes from the epic Ramayana.

Adorning the library pediments. Almost every inch of the interior building are covered in decoration.

Banteay Srey was the first major temple restoration undertaken by the Ecole Francaise D’Extreme-Oriant (EFEO) in 1930 using the anastylosis method.

When Banteay Srey was first rediscovered it was assumed to be from the 13th or 14th century. As the refined carving must have come  at the found at the site. However some scholars are calling for a revision of this date. Given that the style of this temple is unlike anything else seen in Europe. Some Angkorian temples may have been destroyed and then rebuild, or altered beyond recognition.

Banteay Srei was the first major temple to be restored and it is the first to have been given a full makeover in terms of facilities. With a large car and a state-of-the-art exhibition on the history of the  temple and its restoration.

Location: Banteay Srey is about 39 km ( one hour by tuk tuk driver)

Getting There: Angkor Tuk Tuk Travel Driver will bring all the tourist to visit this temple on our schedule or on your request by phone or email to us.

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