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Independence Beach in Sihanouk Ville - Cambodia

Independence Beach, is one of the most popular tourist attraction beaches in Sihanouk Ville. Independence Beach gets its name from the deserted independence  Hotel in Sihanouk Ville. This seven storey Hotel is situated at the north end of independence  Beach. The locals called the beach “Chhne Brampil Chann” which means hotel seven stories. Independence Beach is a little more than one kilometer long. The sandy area of the beach is quite narrow which makes it easiest to stroll by during low tide.

To the northwest of the beach. It is wider and there is a small fresh water lake. On the other end of the beach is the Sea Breeze hotel. To the northern end of Independence Beach. It is an island 800 meters off the coast. The white sandy beach is a great to go to diving, swimming and relaxing. The beach is lined by numerous stores.

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