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Bakong Temple:

Bakong stands 15 meters tall and is 650x850m at the outer wall. Constructed by the third Angkorian-era king as his state-temple, Bakong represents the first application of the temple-mountain architectural formula on a grand scale and set the architectural tone for the next 400 years. The temple displays a very early use of stone rather than brick. Though begun by Indravarman I, Bakong received additions and was expanded by later kings. The uppermost section and tower may have been added as late as the 12th century AD. Some of the lintel carvings, particularly on the outer towers, are in very good shape. Picturesque moat and vegetation surround Bakong.



Preah Ko Temple

The name Preah Ko, Sacred Bull, was taken from the three bull statues around the temple. This temple has some of the better preserved plasterwork on its towers.

Preah Ko temple was constructed in late 9th century C.E by the king/Patron name: Indravarman I, Religion Hindu (Shiva), Style of this temple “Preah Ko”.

Six towers display set on a platform all of them are beautiful preserved carvings. Originally surrounding by walls and gopuras of which only vestiges remain. Preah Ko was one of the first temples of the empire Khmer at the early Khmer capital of Hariharalaya. Preah Ko it mean (sacred bull) derives its name from the statues of bulls at the front of the temple Preah Ko.

Lolei Temple

Four (or originally six) brick towers in the middle of the Lolei Baray.The Lolei baray is called Indratataka, measuring 3.8km x 0.8km. It has now all but dried up.Lolei was constructed in late 9th century C.E by the king Yasovarman I and dedicate to Hindu God, Lolei ruins of an island temple built in the middle of a dry baray name: Indratataka, first large scale baray constructed by a Khmer Kin. It was the last major temple built at four brick towers on a double laterite platform. There are some lintel carving in very good condition display the distinctive detail of Preah Ko Style. An active pagoda has been built amongst the ruins. Of the Roluos Group ruins allocate the least time Lolei

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