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Khmer Handicraft and Varieties in Cambodia


Handicraft is very important for international tourists, which can extend their visit and length of stay in our country. Since ancient time. Cambodia still maintains their culture and glory such as Khmer Handicraft which its specialty is:

Wood Handicraft:

Wood Handicraft produces building material, sculptures and other decoration staff.

Stone Handicraft:

In Kampot Province and at Prey Kuk in Pur Sat Province, the Stone Handicraft produces Aritistic Sculpture made of marble and at Bay Ehhay in Kampong Cham Province, The local people have their specialty in producing Mills, Hand-Operating Mills, Knite and Sharpening Stone.

Copper Handicraft:

At Uddong in Kandal Province and in Takeo Province, the copper Handicraft produces pots, Bowls, Caskets, Bells and Arm Bowls.

Silver Handicraft:

Silver Handicraft specialized in producing jewelry like Bracelet, Necklace, Ring and Diamond or Gem Cover. This handicraft has been seen everywhere, but the specializing village is Kampong Luong in Uddong, Kandal Province.

Weaving Handicraft:

At the present weaving handicraft gradually decreases due to having Textile industry and importing of cloths, but some areas still remain their weaving culture lake at So Tin island in Kampong Cham province, at Kien Svay in Kandal Province and at Ba Ti District in Takeo Province, which they are specialized in weaving Kroma, Blanket and Mosquito Net, At Prek Chang Kran in Prey Veng Province and at Prek Luong and Koh Dach island in Kandal province, weaving handicraft specialized in weaving silk like Sa Rong, Hol, Pha Muong, Cho Bab and Put se Soy as well.

Clay handicraft:

In the province of Kampong Chhnang and Kampong Speu, the Clay Handicraft produces Jar, Pot, Crock and Stove as well.

Leather Handicraft:

In Siem Reap Province and Phnom Penh City ( the Capital of Cambodia), The leather handicraft specialized in using leather to make sculpture figures and pictures of Ramajana, Angkor Wat, Apsara and other décor.

Instrument Producing Handicraft:

Instrument Producing Handicraft produces instruments made of palm leaf, Thorny Palm leaf, Vine, Rattan, Bamboo, Reed, Run ( a kind of Reed or Cane), Ro Pak (a kind of Rattan) The handicraft produces instrument such as Basket, Mat, Little round basket, Cap, Bong Ki, Chair, Karong, Smok, Mill and other souvenir includes Nang Kal, Ang Rut and figures of cows and other animals.

Food Processing:

Cambodian people are talented they can produce delicious food, which can be kept for long time such as Pro Huk, Pha Ork, dry fish, smoke fish, smashed fish, Chay Pov and Pha ork of cucumber as well.

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