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Wat Phnom Thon Mond attraction in Kandal Province

Wat Phnom Thon Mond is located at Prek Koy Commune, Sa Ang District in the distance about 23.50 Kilimeters from Ta Khmao or in the distance about 34.50 kilo from Phnom Penh by the national road Nº 21. the mountain of Thon Mond can be reached by the road 21 from Phnom Penh to the market of Prek Touch “the market of Sa Ang District” and continue to the turning road at Svay Tany Primary School “20 kilometers from Ta Khmao by the new road 21and turn right about 3.50  kilo. If all the tourist who want to go along the Tonle Basac River, the distance of waterway equal to the distance of the old road 21 from Phnom Penh to Sa Ang market in the distance about 36 kilometers. The monastery built in 1954 by a monk name Rath Phann.

Nowadays, by the supports from generous people the monastery became a tourist attraction in Kandal province. On the other hand, because of people believe the goodness and effectiveness of the monastery, the monastery can attracted many local visitors, who go there especially on the great public holiday and on the Buddhist holidays for praying for happiness and other wishes, in addition Phnom Thonmond is derived from the natural beauty (trees from mountain’s foot to the peal, fresh air, on the top we can view the scenery to get god feeling) and its reputation can attracts a lot of visitors.

In accordance with the fancy of the local visitors, the province tourist office collaborated with the Territory Authorities and the monastery committee, has conduced the arrangement of pagoda’s yard by filling the yard with soil, enlarging the yard, and producing a lot of attractively artistic statures relating to the story and history of the Thon Mond mountain. In addition, the office of the monastery committee had planted more trees, dug ponds and arranged parking site at the pagoda.

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