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Phnom Prasith & Sa Ang Mountain attraction in Cambodia

Phnom Prasith attraction

Located at the communes of Ma Kak, Phnom Penh District and Chhving, Ponhea Leu District. To get there tourist should travel along the national road 5 (Phnom Penh-Battambang) until they reach the kilometer 38 closed to Udong Market turn left about 16 kilometers by the road 26 until you reach the turning road, turn left as long as you reach the Prasith Mountain.

Nowadays, visitors do not like to go along the road 26 as it is the common border of the province of Kandal and Kampong Speu province.

The Prasith Mountain related to the both mountains bordered by the valley in Kandal Province. Amongst the two mountains, the mountain at the west has no many stories, whereas the mountain at the east has stories related religious history with a big Buddhist statue achieved Nirvana and stories related to the history Khmer’s King.

Nowadays, the Prasith Mountain has no many big trees and decoration, there are few visitors visit there because of bad arrangement and management. However this attractive site has beautiful scenery and fresh air. The prasith mountain is the cultural, historical and natural site in Cambodia.

Sa Ang Mountain in Kandal Province, Cambodia

Located at Sa Ang commune in distance about 23 km from Ta Khmao or 34 km from Phnom Penh and can be accessible by the new national road 21 (constructed during the Pol Pot time stretching over the plain area of Toul Kra Sang) from Ta Khmao to meet the old road 21 at Chhouk Leap pagoda, Roka Kpos commune about 12 km distance.

The mountain of Sa Ang is a type of natural and cultural site there is a pagoda constructed at the highest peak of mountain which can be viewed the beautiful scenery of surrounding.

Sa Ang mountain does not have many trees as Thon Mon Mountain, but around the pagoda there is a big lake rich in fish, flowers of Rum Chong and Prolit, besides boating tourists can enjoy fishing, during rainy season, Sa Ang mountain seems to be an island surrounded by a vast water with fresh air and forest around the mountain giving an enchanting view to the area. Sa Ang mountain has a lot of national visitors during the public holidays and traditional festivals. Nowadays, the tourist office in cooperation with the local authority has planted trees and assured order, saniation and security at the area for visitors.

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