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Place to see Sunrise & Sunset in Siem Reap

Sunrise temples

If you want to see the sun rise up on the Angkor Wat Tower. please waking up early during your vacation around 5:00am, then you're in for a big treat. With the air still a bit chilly and much fewer visitors around, you will able to get much needed personal time with the temple of your choice like:
Plus, there’s all those great pictures that you’ll be taking. Considering what a great experience a sunrise at a temple is, waking up in the early morning is not a high price to pay at all.
Here are some of the recommended sunrise temples:

Angkor Wat Temple
 - Set that alarm clock and get your camera ready. Sunrise at Angkor Wat is where great pictures come from. The best place to get a pretty shot of the temple during sunrise is right in front of the pond. That way you get the temple and its reflection, all in one shot. 

Ta Prohm Temple 
- The sunrise is not the focus of this temple. The magical atmosphere is. With almost no one around and with the giant trees towering above, it's as if you've journeyed back in time to that ancient Angkorian period. Watching the morning unfold at Ta Prohm is just amazing. 

Phnom Bakheng
 - With a view of Ankor Wat and the Western Baray from the top, this is another great place to watch a sunrise. Be sure to factor in the 30+ minute hike to the top, that way you can make sure to get up early enough to catch the sunrise.

Srah Srang
 - Seeing the sun's reflection in this royal pond could be a great way to start the day. People do not frequent Srah Srang often, so this could provide some time for reflection if you need it. 

East Mebon
 - Roughly a thousand years ago, the view from the top of the temple would be of huge bodies of water. Now the East Mebon water reservoir is completely dry. But with views of the rice fields and villages below, you can be sure that a sunrise at the temple top is still beautiful. East Mebon is a bit father than the other Angkorian temples, so be sure to leave early enough to catch the sunrise.

Sunset temples

What better way to end the day than by enjoying the sunset at an Angkorian temple? It's a great way to just relax and cool down after a busy day of visiting temples. 
Here are some of the recommended sunset temples:
Angkor Wat temple

-You can spend time waiting for the sunset in many different ways. You can roam around the galleries and see how the Angkor Wat temple bas-relief looks in low light, or see how the sun turns the stones at the second level to a golden color. Then of course there's that sunset shot again, available from the back of the pond.
Phnom Bakheng
 - With its prime location, Phnom Bakheng is never in need of visitors. The sunset at Phnom Bakheng is so famous that it would seem that all the visitors go to the temple at sunset. If you don't mind the crowd, do not miss this temple. The view from up there is just spectacular.
Pre Rup
 - This temple positively glows during sunset. Plus, the view from the uppermost level is so soothing, with trees that seem to cover the land as far as the eye can see. This temple is becoming a popular sunset temple, but it is nowhere near Phnom Bakheng's level.

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