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Apsaras Traditional Dance with Buffer Dinner

In Siem Reap City have many restaurants and hotels present Apsara Dance Shows or Traditional Khmer Dancing Shows,It was dance or shows by Khmer local People include  Buffer Dinner Shows are included in many tourist.

Most shows include the four genre of traditional Khmer dance: Apsara Dance, Masked Dance, Shadow Theatre, and Folk Dance. These are dances for tourists, and unfortunately there is usually little, or no explanation as to the origin and meaning of the dances. But they are still interesting and want to see it never forget when they leave from Cambodia.

Below are a few of the venues offering Apsara Dance.

See the Apsaras of Angkor come to life

Cambodia's classical dance is a living link to the glories of the Angkor periord. when young maidens danced as messangers of  the gods. witness a dance spectacle today and there will be almost as many costumes and hair styles on show as there are on the beautiful apsaras at Angkor wat. The original of classical dance maybe in indian, but over centuries it has been refined into a uniquely Cambodian art form.

The Hindo epic Ramayana. Known as a Reamker in Cambodia. feature prominenly. some of the more extravagant dance include re-enactments of the battles between Hanuman and the demon king Ravana. as well as the churning of the ocean of milk.

The Khmer Rouge's assault on the arts was a terrible blow to Khmer Cultur. Destroying anything that served as a reminder of a past it was trying to efface. The Khmer Rouge killed off many of the living bearers of culture. Including classical dances and musician.

Tourism has played its part in the resurgence of classical dance. and there are now lots of restaurants around Siem Reap offering dinner and dance shows. Best value is the nightly was show at Temple Club. But for more salubrious surroundings try the Dining Room or Apsara Theatre. There are also occasional spectacles around Angkor, complete with light and sound shows.

Write us on Angkor TUK TUK travel if you would like to see an Apsara Traditional Khmer Dancing & Dinner at Siem Reap City,

Start time: 7:30 pm

End Time: 8:30 pm

Cost : 12USD Per/Person ( Dancing Show with Buffee Dinner) Book Now

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