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Battambang Province

Battambang is a big city in Cambodia after Phnom Penh City, and it located at the west of Phnom Penh around 299 km distance. Battambang also give the named a greatest rice field in Cambodia it near Cambodia & Thai Border. And it distance around 180km from Siem Reap Angkor Wat. So all the tourist can be make a trip form Siem Reap city by Bus around 5 hours, by ferry about 5 hours also. Especially tourist can do by private taxi from Siem Reap just spend maybe 3 hours ride. Angkor Tuk Tuk Travel also have provide service to visit Battambang on your requests.

Battambang setting on the Sangker River just southwest of the Tonle Sap Lake. Battambang town is at the heart of Cambodia’s rice bowl and oven though it is one of the country’s. if still has a very lightly tourist provincial atmosphere. Much of the architecture is French colonial and traditional shop houses along quaint narrow lanes.

There are plenty of hotels in town these days including several new mid-range places. Dining and drinking options continue to grow as well.

As you leave Battambang by road the scene quickly becomes one of villages and rice paddies. Offering an excellent opportunity to see a bit of unspoiled rural Cambodia. The nearby countryside harbors several picturesque old pagodas, Angkorian era ruins. Caves waterfall, and even Khmer Rouge Killing field.

Battambang means “disappearing stick” from the legend of a powerful staff wielded by the legendary ruler Ta Dambang to achieve and maintain power in the area. A statue of Ta Dambang and the stick stand imposingly at the eastern entrance to the town on road No 5.

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