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Helistar Cambodia Helicopter in Siem Reap


Golden 48 Minute US$ 430/Pax

The Ultimate flight experience (See it all) The Amazing sites of the World Heritage Angkor Wat and nearby temples. Bateay Srey (Citadel of Women). Majestic Phnom Kulen, Rolouse Group. Tonle Sap Floating Village, and if you are still hankering for more we have include a unique hill top temple called Phnom Krom whose towers glow as the suns rays illuminate the temples orange, red and salmon-colored stone. Phnom Krom is a temple rarely seen by visitors.

Adventure 36 Minutes US$ 330/Pax (Angkor Wat + Kulen Ranges)

For those with a sense of Adventure after experiencing the amazing World Heritage site of Angkor Wat and surrounding temples. We fly to the sacred temple of Banteay Srey (Citadel of Women) a beautiful 10th century Hindu Temple complex North East of Angkor Wat. Then on to the Kulen Ranges. The Phnom Kulen mountain Ranges is located 40 km northwards form Angkor Wat its name means “Mountain of the Lychees. Phnom Kulen is considered a holy mountain in Cambodia. Of special religious significance to Hindus and Buddhists who come to the mountain in pilgrimage. It was the site that Jayavaman 11 chose in 802 to proclaim himself a divine universal ruler and marked the beginning of the Angkor period in Khmer history. During the flight you will see a spectacular waterfall and majestic sandstone cliffs.

Grand 30 Minutes US$ 300/pax (Angkor Wat + Rolous Group + Floating Village)

The amazing world Heritage site of Angkor Wat, Sras Srang, Pre Rup, Easter Mebon temple built within the Easter Baray then via the magnificent temple of Banteay Samre – rarely visited by tourists. On to Phnom Bok, and the Rolous Group including the 9th century Bakong temple with its outstanding architecture and picturesque moat. From there we will leisurely make our way over a landscape of green paddy fields awashed by the lake on the horizon. To the unique floating village on the shores of the Tonle sap lake. During the wet season (June – October) the lake swell from 2500sq km to over 15000sq km. the tonle sap is one of the largest resources for freshwater fish and you will see unique fish traps set by locals. On the way back we fly via Phnom Krom on which you can view a Monastery and a temple rarely seen by visitors.

Royal 14 Minutes US$ 150/pax (Angkor Wat + nearby temples )

The Amazing world Heritage site of Angkor Wat, Sras Srang, Pre Rup and the picturesque Eastern Mebon temple built within the Eastern Baray views of Siem Reap city and the western baray -  the largest man made reservoir in Cambodia.

Beauty 8 Minutes US$ 90/pax (Angkor Wat)

The Amazing World Heritage site of Angkor Wat. Your flight will take off from Siem Reap international Airport. Onwards along Ancient Canals and the moat of the Angkor Wat temple whilst you marvel at the magnitude and beauty of this archaeological wonder

Note: Fore Scenic Flight that we require a minimum of 3 full paying passengers. Maximum of 5 passengers.

  • Children less than 3 years are free. Children between 3 and 10 years are half fare.
  • Angkor Tuk Tuk Travel provide transportation from Hotel to Helipad and return.

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